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David Thomas

I really enjoyed the road trip I participated in during May with Andrew Appleton Training. The trip was well planned and the accommodation was both clean and comfortable and all had friendly staff. The days were long to enable us all to make the most of the beautiful locations we visited which gave us all a good opportunity to capture some lovely images of both the locations we visited and also of Alexa and Nadia the models who were on the trip.


The highlights of the trip for me were shooting in Paris at dawn with very few people around and early morning in Venice having three hours of shooting in this beautiful city before usual daily crush began.


A wonderful trip and would certainly consider going on another of these trips


I’ve been on 3 Appleton photo training road trips now and just keep coming back for more. Andrew’s approach to training has kept me rebooking and shooting models / dancers in fantastic locations abroad has been a big draw. It’s not just because you get to shoot models in so many great locations on the way but it encourages you to really look at your surroundings in a different way. I find myself now looking at everything differently wherever I go and composing photos in my head (even when I don’t have a camera to hand).

The meticulous planning of outfits and styling by the wonderful Helen, means the shots of the models really work with their location. Alexa Hilton really popped out from the surroundings whilst dancing in St Mark’s Square, Venice on the last trip in a brilliant red dress.

Learning and developing skills hands on during a road trip is a great way to ensure that things have sunk in and Andrew is always on hand should you have any queries or need practical help. You don’t feel any question you may want to ask is silly and it is always answered in a constructive manner. One to one sessions and critiques of the images taken during the road trip are also a great way to know if you’re on the right track and to hone your skills further.

I always feel I could photograph all day long on these trips, even late into the night as there are so many shots just waiting for you. Appleton photo training’s road trips are an amazing experience.

Nigel Doherty

“I was lucky enough to go on the May 2017 Eurotour with Andrew, Helen, and Steve and on this tour we were accompanied by Alexa through the full tour and Nadia while we were in the Venice region.

This particular tour was fairly “full on”,  and I signed up to it very early knowing full well that “total immersion” for 10 days was going to move me forward massively at this early stage in my “photographic journey”,  and the tour did just that for me!  I have since come back and got a Bronze in the Guild’s Image of the Month competition on my first submission.

You’ll be able to see what we got up to and some of our work on the tour video, so I don’t need to ramble on about that……But what the video can’t show adequately is just how tirelessly the whole team worked to make everything a success, or the great tour camaraderie and friendships we all made along the way!

I can absolutely recommend Andrew’s tours to anyone who genuinely wants to “step up a level” by working with fantastic people in great locations, all on a sensible budget.  They come in various styles, formats and durations, so it really is just a matter of choosing the right one for you!  I’ll certainly be going again!


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